Connected at the Hip: PVC-Wrapped Furniture

the Kokon familythe Kokon family

The work of Dutch designer Jurgen Bey in his Kokon line might not be anything you'd want to have gracing the inside of your home, but to be a casual observer of his unusual art is another thing. Working with layers of PVC wrapping, Bey uses techniques utilized by the aviation industry to create his somewhat disturbing hybrids of classic furniture. The synthetic material shrinks tightly around the skeleton of the furniture to give it a wholly new skin, essentially masking its surface flaws and creating a smooth flow of taut material and curious lines. The result is a kind of alien morphing of traditional forms into a feeling of frozen emergence that never fully manifested. I would almost say his pieces bordered on whimsical if they didn't evoke a feeling of mild suffocation. What lies beneath? Like tightly fitting clothing, you can see the curves but the rest is up to the imagination.

On the flipside, this method is certainly an interesting way to recycle that which would probably be discarded in favor of newer and fresher shapes, and it prompts the observer to open their minds to unconventional and malleable ways of reframing familiar objects.

Aside from these fantastical Kokon pieces, Jurgen Bey has several strings on his bow in the realm of public and commerical works, along with some other fascinating concepts for contemporary furniture.

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