Connecting The Synaptops - A Virtual Desktop You Can Take Anywhere

Do you find yourself forever trying to juggle files and contacts and bookmarks across a range of devices? Forever syncing this with that? Have better things to do with your spare time? Or do you simply want to be able to collaborate with others on the same platform?

Synaptop could be your answer.

Synaptop is "a collaboration-enabled online operating system" that allows you to do much of what you'd normally do on your own computer or device, anywhere and on anything.

It's not just a file saving service like Google Docs - it's actually your very own customizable desktop, that comes complete with a browser, video calling, document storage, live Facebook and Twitter feeds, and a host of other apps. It can even be your own social media tool - allowing you to follow and be followed - and thus collaborate, right there in Synaptop land.

Like Synaptop President and CEO, Sami Siddique, says, "You can follow anyone in any application." Which, of course, provides plenty of possibilities for businesses, telecommuters, and your average, everyday social networker.

And those possibilities are only going to increase as Synaptop goes further towards fulfilling its mission of "reshaping the planet's digital landscape, deleting digital borders, and changing the way people interact online and offline."

Watch it in action, and then check it out for yourself: