Consolidate Your Streams On Cadmus

Now that Twitter has engrained itself as the world's premier information streaming service, hundreds of services have popped up trying to take advantage of that and create useful tools to help you make sense of all of it.  Cadmus is an internet application that condenses all your different streams into one place, and allows you to view which updates are related.

When you first start up using Cadmus, you'll probably just connect using your Twitter account.  Then you'll see your stream and probably think, "Oh, what's the big deal?"  Take a look at the right hand side, where the normal controls would be on your Twitter homepage.  On posts that are relevant, you'll see a little button that says "Related Posts".  That's where Cadmus sets itself apart from other stream services.

By lumping together related coversations, you can monitor what people are saying across streaming networks about anything that shows up in your stream.  By adding Friend Feed and RSS accounts to Cadmus, you're finding a powerful way to see how all your different social media services relate to each other on any given subject.

The idea behind Cadmus is a pretty good one, and I would like to see the site develop this a bit further.  A clean approach is good, but right now Cadmus is a little too dry on features.  Make searching a function.  Incorporate Twitter groups.  Friend Feed is nice, but add other social networks to the list, and make them controllable from Cadmus.  You guys can go check it out and see what I mean.  Leave your suggestions for Cadmus in the comments.