Cool Construction Paper Kaleidoscope Art

Coriolis EffectCoriolis Effect

Jen Stark is an artist that creates what we could only dream of doing when we were kids; art made from construction paper.

Her 3-D artwork is created using an X-Acto knife and card stock. Her inspiration largely draws from her fascination with everything, from space to hurricanes. About 30 to 80 layers of paper go into each design. She cuts each layer one by one and then puts them together. It takes a lot of time, but she considers it worth it.

Piece of an Infinite WholePiece of an Infinite Whole

In an interview by PingMag, she answers some interesting questions about her very colorful art:

“I like the fact that it is so common and usually used two-dimensionally… and I’m trying to show what it can do sculpturally and how much it can be transformed with such little changes. Also I love all the colours it comes in!”

Coriolis EffectCoriolis Effect

She usually buys the “Assortment Packs” from the store. You know which one, the paper we had to buy for art class when we were a kid.

“I like to make the insides very colourfully confusing. You can relate it to people or things being so complicated and elaborate on the inside. Yet the outside layer is usually white to show that something may look simple and ordinary on the outside – but the inside is beaming with colour!”

She also uses her creations as a metaphor on how intricate and colorful people are, both physically and emotionally.

That’s exactly how I would describe myself. Plain and boring on the outside, but bursting with color on the inside. Okay, maybe not. But that’s how I’d like to be someday!

Point of ExposurePoint of Exposure

Assorted ExplosionAssorted Explosion



Circle Half CutCircle Half Cut


Mold StudyMold Study

Paper AnomalyPaper Anomaly


I think this art is pretty awesome. Imagine all the time it takes to make something like this. Thankfully I don’t have to do this much work, I can just sit back and enjoy it. Maybe they should start teaching this stuff in art class, instead of drawing pictures of apples sitting in a bowl. What do you think of this construction paper art?

Source: Jen Stark


Jul 9, 2008
by Anonymous


some very cool there, but coriolis effect should have not had the very last bit on the end.

Jul 11, 2008
by Anonymous