Construction Quilt Sparks Creativity In Kids And Adults


Kids think forts are great.  Pretty much any space that they can create and then crawl around in is a lot of fun for them.  In fact, the building of the fort is often just as much fun as the play time after.  There is a certain amount of pride that goes along with building something unique and then being able to use it and invite others to enjoy it too.



Up until now the building blocks of most forts have been sofa cushions, blankets and cardboard boxes.  The Construction Quilt could offer a new element to the mix.  This design concept is made of thick foam triangles that are covered in wool felt material.  



The Construction Quilt can be used by adults as a funky design piece in their home.  When flat it can be a textured area rug and folded up it can be a distinctive sculptural piece.  For kids the quilt can be transformed into countless play things like a cozy hideaway or a rocky terrain for toy cars.  The sky is the limit!

Source: GizmoDiva, StudioGorm