Consumer Gadgets I Never Thought I'd See: Hearing Aid Vacuums!


One type of hearing aid that can benefit from continual cleanings: image via type of hearing aid that can benefit from continual cleanings: image via No longer just in the realm of hearing aid dealers, I suppose, two new devices intended for hearing aid users guarantee to clean 'em out and improve the performance of your hearing aids at a more affordable cost than the professional models.  These two items intended for home hearing aid cleaning are both made by Serene: the Re-New Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener and the Re-New Deluxe Hearing Aid Vacuum.

Hearing aid tunnels pick up dust and ear wax, and ideally should be cleaned once or twice a week.  In the 'old days' that would be impractical, as a thorough hearing aid cleaning would require a trip to your hearing aid dealer.  But welcome to the age of do-it-yourself consumer products, and you can buy some reasonably-priced cleaners to do the task.

Here are two hearing aid cleaning gadgets that go about the job differently....


Re-New Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener


Serene Re-New Hearing Aid Dryer and FreshenerSerene Re-New Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener


This gadget uses two methods to clean your hearing aid: dry heat to remove moisture and condensation and a UV light to inhibit bacteria.  No chemicals are needed. Comes in a compact case that's easy to travel with; a one touch operation that uses batteries or an AC adapter.  One case can accommodate 2 pairs of hearing aids. You can review and purchase the Re-New Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener here.


Re-New Deluxe Hearing Aid Vacuum


Serene Re-New Deluxe Hearing Aid VacuumSerene Re-New Deluxe Hearing Aid Vacuum


Using the technology of suction, the vacuum sucks up the ear wax build-up, moisture, and condensation... the better to hear you with my dear.  If your hearing aid has sound vents this tool is appropriate.  It operates on 2 AA batteries that are not included, but what are included are extra suction syringes in two sizes to fit your hearing aid canal opening. You can review and purchase the Serene Deluxe Hearing Aid Vacuum here.


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