Contain Yourself In A Sexy Ebola Costume This Halloween

You know how everyone complains about/compliments women for making even the most mundane Sexy Ebola Women's CostumeSexy Ebola Women's CostumeHalloween costume ideas sexy? Well, contain yourself, because this one takes things to a whole new level.

 The best Halloween costumes generate buzz by capitilzing on stories in the mainstream media. One of the more concerning issues that's been making headlines worldwide is the spread of Ebola - both as it plagues Western Africa, and due to its appearance on North American soil, among other subjects. As many North Americans focus on educating themselves and taking basic precautions, some claim that the media's "scare tactics" are causing unnecessary overreaction among members of the general public.

Whether you believe that Americans should in fact be taking extreme measures to protect themselves from Ebola or not, this Halloween you can generate Ebola awareness by doning a reinvented (i.e: sexified) Hazmat Suit. After all, we couldn't expect women to wear the ultra un-sexy traditional version while protecting their immune systems, could we?

Obviously not at Halloween, when costumes that replicate the original versions involve less material, shorter hemlines, and tight bodices whether the wearer is dressing as a neurosugeon or a cowgirl.  Now, the Hazmat Suit for Ebola prevention joins those ranks so those looking to make a controversial statement this Halloween can.

The costume consists of a white dress, face shield, breathing mask, safety goggles, and blue latex medical gloves. To enhance the look, yellow boots that follow the style established by Hazmat can be added as an additional accesory, but don't come with this costume by brandsOnSale. 

Ebola Men's Costume: The far less sexy Men's Ebola CostumeEbola Men's Costume: The far less sexy Men's Ebola Costume

Now have at it, and tell us what you think about a costume making light of Ebola, or how you feel about the sexy women's costume trend. Either way, weigh in on the controversy!