Continue The Winter Indulging With A Skookie Pan


Okay, so maybe after all of the holiday indulgences the last thing you want to think about is sweets, but just in case you are still looking for some sugary comfort food you should check out the Skookie.  I have an enormous sweet tooth so the idea of a warm, gooey cookie is always appealing to me.  These small cast iron skillets are made specifically for creating thick, rich cookie desserts hot from the oven.

Sounds great doesn’t it, especially if you served it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top?  I know; my love of desserts just cannot be stopped.  Even if you don’t like sugar as much as I do though, the Skookie pans also reportedly make excellent individual pizzas and fajitas.  That sounds good too!  Wow, I really need to start eating salad again soon.

Anyways, having a Skookie or two around for the winter seems like a fun idea.  It would be great to come in from the cold and enjoy a warm, comfort food straight out of the pan.  So what if it is almost all indulgent stuff?  We still have a few more months before bathing suit season, right?  You can pick up the Skookie here.   

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