Contour Action Cams Get Bluetoothed to Smartphones

Contour has long been an innovator in the action cam market. The company recently came out with the ContourGPS, which adds GPS tracking and calculation to its HD camera set-up so that you can view your metric performance right alongside your video. 


Well, last month, Contour revealed a new trick up its sleeve: a smartphone app. Unfortunately, the app won't turn your smartphone into an action cam, but it will use the phone as a viewfinder for the camera. The app, which is currently under development for both iOS and Android platforms, will work with the ContourGPS to let your phone connect via Bluetooth and provide a preview screen so that you can check your shot and change settings on the fly.

Essentially the app will let the ContourGPS operate like other action cams that have their own built-in screens.

Once downloaded, the app will be this simple:

Turn on Your ContourGPS camera. 

Press the Bluetooth button. 

Enable Bluetooth on your phone. 

Open the Contour App and see what your camera sees! 

iPhone owners will need to buy a Contour ConnectView accessory card to get the app working. Both the iOS and Android versions are scheduled for a spring release. Looks like a nice upgrade to an already hot cam.  You can get the ContourGPS here.

Contour via Gear Junkie 

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