Control Him If You Can. Train Your Zoomer Dino

Dinosaurs might be extinct, but a child’s love for them is not. Kids love dinosaurs. Don’t ask me why. But I can tell you about the newest toy to keep the love affair going. Zoomer Dino is a remote control dinosaur that senses your presence and reacts to your touch and motions. You can even train him to dance and roar.

Spin Master does it again with another fun and innovative way for kids to interact with their toys. Following the success of the original Zoomer, an interactive puppy, Zoomer Dino Boomer is in the running for the title of (Wo)Man’s Best Friend.

Intended for children five-years-old and up, Boomer is a remote control, prehistoric pet. And like any good pet—except maybe fish—Zoomer Dino can be trained. Using hand motions, Boomer can be taught to spin, dance, chomp, chase, and roar. And he’s moody too. He gets frustrated, angry, happy, and silly. He even farts and burps. I know, what you need in the house is another farting, tantrum-throwing child. But unlike your child, this endearing creature can be turned off.

When Boomer is on, his eyes light up to indicate the mood or mode he is in. When he is happy his eyes are green. When he is angry they turn red. His eyes are blue when he is sensing your presence, and they turn purple when he is ready to be trained. Zoomer Dino can be controlled with hand motions, but the included remote control will do the trick too, especially if your child is a little nervous at first of Boomer’s quick, chomping movements and his pretty realistic sounds.

Zoomer Dino spins and moves forward and backward using what Spin Master calls True Balance Technology. This means Boomer can pick himself up if he should fall over. I wish my twin boys had this technology. Have you ever seen an 18-month-old fall over in the snow? It’s like their boots and snow pants create anvil-like properties, weighing them down like cartoon characters.

Boomer comes with a control pod, which requires three AAA batteries; a USB charging cable; and an instruction booklet. He also comes in blue, red, purple or black.

Zoomer Dino seems to have a mind of his own, but with a little patience he can be tamed. So if you have a child willing to work with Boomer, he can be a really fun robotic buddy. No matter what your child’s age, this toy could be frustrating if your child has a short attention span with expectations of perfection.

The upside of this toy is that Boomer is more than a one-trick pony. It will take your child a little time to master all of what he can do, making this a lasting toy. And I personally think a little frustration is fine. The challenge of something makes the reward even more satisfying. Your kids will learn this too, especially when they can make Boomer dance—or burp—with the wave of their hand.

Train your Zoomer Dino and control him if you can.

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