Control Your Emotions, Control Your Thoughts, Control Your Life

In a society obsessed with self control and self improvement, InterAxons Muse brain computer interface headband promises all the things: tracking your emotions; tracking your thoughts; more understanding of yourself; more self awareness; making alterations in your environment to improve your state of mind e.g programming your ipod to put on calming music when your brainwave headband senses you are anxious.

Interaxon Muse Brain Computer Interface HeadbandInteraxon Muse Brain Computer Interface Headband

It works using 6 EEG (electroencephalographic) sensors that monitor the electrical activity of your brain, similar to the way a heart rate monitor tracks your pulse. The sensors detect 5 individual bands of your brainwaves and measure their changes while you focus on different things. They claim the headband can sense when you are overtired, anxious, happy or angry, as well as enable your brainwaves to solve puzzle games using focus and concentration. 

It all sounds very mysterious, but what caught my attention was their claim that soon we will be able to control the in-flight entertainment system with just our brainwaves. I don't mean to be cynical but of all the potential applications in the world, surely lifting up your arm a couple of inches to make a few taps on a screen is hardly a problem worth solving... unless it has come to their attention that there are thousands of complaints from people who are often disturbed from their in-flight snooze by a strong screen poke from the person seated behind them.

What did sound cool was the creation of music without voices or traditional instruments, every sound instead created by brain sensing virtual instruments. 

But who am I to judge the applications of brainwave technology. I'll leave it to the experts. Rumours suggest the company that raised money from VC's and raised money on Indiegogo, has grabbed Googles attention, a company that seems to be buying up wearable technology companies as soon as they hit the headlines. They probably intend to use our brainwaves to control our automatic cars. More and more the future looks like Wall-e.

 Wall-E: The Future with Brainwave Technology?Wall-E: The Future with Brainwave Technology?

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