Controlling Wearable Geeky Gadgets With Body Movement

Isn't it annoying when you're out for a jog and need to fiddle around to change the track on your MP3 player to keep you in your exercise groove? Or when you have the desperate urge to channel surf while watching TV, but can't seem to find the remote control that has fallen between the cushions on your couch? Well, it seems that an innovative set of wearable gadgets are in the works by NTT DoCoMo, using a special technology that allows your body movements to control specific functions of the wearable gadgets.

While no specific body movement detecting wearable gadgets by NTT DoComo are set to become available in the retail market anytime soon (at least not that they're willing to divulge), the innovative technology will take hands-free electronics to a new level. The leading Japanese wireless company claims, however, that they have managed to develop an MP3 player that fast-forwards when the wearer darts his or her eyes, and a wrist-watch that allows wearers to use their arms as a remote control, so those day-to-day electronic annoyances we all face will be eliminated!

Without knowing the look and feel of the specific products under development, it's hard to say whether these innovative technologies will fall under the fashion-forward electronics or geeky gadget categories; but these developments sound so cool, this might be one case where fashion trends may not apply!

Via: Newser