Convenient Farmer’s Market For Commuters Supports Local Economy

Non-profit group Sound Food, which aims to support the consumption and sale of locally grown produce, is bringing the ultimate farmer's market convenience to ferry commuters in Seattle. Understanding that not everyone can find the time to go to local farmer's markets, which are often hosted during the week when the majority of people are at work, Sound Food is bringing the farmers markets to them at an affordable price.

Commuters who use the Bainbridge Island Ferry terminal in Seattle are disembarking the boat with a crisp $5 bill in hand, so that as they rush to their cars to return home for dinner, the can exchange their money for a bag of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables provided by Sound Food and the Ferry Farm Stand.

The Ferry Farm Stand is in operation at the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal in Seattle to greet the 4:40pm and 5:30pm ferry boats filled with commuters, and anyone who grabs a bag of fresh produce from them can pat themselves on the back for supporting their local economy, because 100% of proceeds go right back to the local farmers.

Talk about farming on the run!

Via: Grist