Conveniently Monitor Your Blood Glucose Levels With Gluco[M]

GlucoM WristbandGlucoM Wristband

We have watches that double as calculators, heart rate monitors and activity trackers. Now, designer Eli Hariton has given us a watch that is also a blood glucose reader. The Gluco[M] Wristband takes instant and non-evasive glucose readings and all you have to do is wear it.

Besides being a watch, which is actually its secondary function, the Gluco[M] Wristband has three functions. It takes blood glucose readings, keeps a history of readings with averages and can be used to give an insulin injection.

GlucoM FeaturesGlucoM Features

By pressing the main action button, on the right of the screen, you can instantly get your glucose reading. Gluco[M] uses "reverse iontophorsis" to do this (and if you want to fully understand that process, google it). Basically it utilizes electric current running through its sensors to collect glucose samples from fluids in the body.

After you have your reading, you can scroll through previous readings by pressing the up and down buttons. If you need insulin, you just twist the Gluco[M] apart, measure the insulin and use the wristband to give yourself a shot.

Using GlucoMUsing GlucoM

The Gluco[M] Wristband has four magnets that hold it together, which makes it easy to take it apart when giving yourself injections. It also incorporates a four way ball joint that allows for 360 degree rotation, which makes the shots possible. One half of the wristband has an insulin measurement tool, which ensures that you're injecting the correct amount, and the device stores a cartridge capable of holding 50 syringes (of course the cartridge is removable and replaceable). 

As of now, Gluco[M] is only a concept. It is not yet in production. That's not to say, in a couple of years, diabetics won't be able to easily and non-evasively check their blood glucose levels.

Source: Eli Hariton Design