Converting Noise To Light No Longer Up In The Air - Is Plane As Day

Aside from ground zero of a nuclear explosion, airport runways are perhaps the noisiest place on earth. But instead of friendly a mascot, they're staffed by surly men with light-sticks and illuminated by the strong and electrically expensive glow of runway lights. Now, designer Jou Hung-Uei has come up with a way to capture that noise and fire up those lights simultaneously.

Called the Green_Noise, his circular/tripod shaped masterpiece is part speaker, part rainwater catcher, and all green-powered goodness. The idea is that the speaker in the device is able to capture the noise output by jets taking off (140db if you're wondering) and convert it to electric energy, and then on to light.  It's also able to do the same by collecting and expelling rainwater, but we're not sure if the gentle sound of rain on the tarmac counts toward its noise-to-energy quota.

Green_Noise: Loudly lighting up your life.Green_Noise: Loudly lighting up your life. 

Hung-Uei's plan is to have these devices take the place of current runway lights but be far easier to change, owing to their stable shape and easily-accessed bulb. As well, the Green_Noise will come with a small LED sidebar along one curved edge that will give information about the light's condition, helping technicians to get in and out before the next Boeing 747 comes bearing down. We suspect the LED bar would read "LOL" in that case. Damn smug machines...

The point here is that noise is perhaps one of the most irritating forms of human pollution, and the ability to capture it and off-set at least some of the massive costs of running an airport is a very good idea.

Somehow, though, we don't see a reduction forthcoming in our ticket prices. 

 Source: Tuvie