Conviction Restaurant: A Business Based On Crime

You might have seen the show Conviction Restaurant which aired for the first time this week. From a business stand point, the owners of this restaurant are doing something quite risky. Keep reading to find out how this unique restaurant works, and share your feedback on what you'd think of going into a restaurant with a staff like this.

Conviction RestaurantConviction Restaurant

We've seen businesses run by convicted criminals still in jail, but Conviction Restaurant is the first business to proudly staff former convicts released from prison to help give them a second chance. While there are rehabilitation programs that introduce former cons back into the workforce, Conviction Restaurant actually has a staff completely made up from criminals. It's such a unique concept, that's it's the latest reality TV show to compete with the likes of Hell's Kitchen. According to chef and owner Marc Thuet, with the exception of one death threat, the staff has been adjusting pretty well to their new roles.

This staffing structure is one that could be applied to just about any business, and while it's not unreasonable to offer some convicts another crack at a legal lifestyle, one of the reasons that so many businesses are reluctant to hire them is because of the backlash from potential customers. How would you feel about going into a restaurant run by hardened criminals?

Via: Toronto Sun

Sep 15, 2009
by Anonymous

Vet the Violent Ones out Please

I dont know how Id feel Unless:

1. They were Vetted by the Mgmt Co.
2. Parole can speak Yes for them
3. On Watch by Local PD
4. Or help tell Clients how to NOT get mugged or robbed.

Now whats the menu like otherwise?

Kinda scary.

Might scare away business unless prove the above 4 points.

Sep 16, 2009
by Anonymous


Conviction also means having a strong belief. If they believe they can do it, great. Everyone needs a fare go. I'd have no problems visiting this restaurant. I've never checked the police records of anyone I've delt with.

Sep 27, 2009
by Anonymous


I have seen the show twice now...very entertaining...and I just realized that the Chef and the Conviction crew catered the opening of the TSO when I was there last week. The food and the staff were exceptional. You can see both Chef and Biana want to provide the best food and service. I think I will try the restaurant next...I'll let you know...