Cook Joy Pack Transforms Boring Lunches


Sometimes getting your kids to eat their lunches is an enormous challenge.  Even when they have specifically requested a certain kind of sandwich they’ll often leave some or all of it on their plate.  What can parents do though?  We try to strike a balance between giving them something healthy and also making it tasty and enticing enough that they will eat it.



The Bandai Cook Joy Pack Sandwich and Cookie Maker could help merge the healthy with the fun.  This gadget takes mustard smiley faces on the inside of the sandwich to the next level!  The set comes with a rolling pin, exchangeable cutters (bear, apple and pig – with different smiley face pieces to go in the middle), smaller cutters for the edges of the bread, a mat and storage bag.  You just insert the pieces you want and roll it over the sandwich or cookie dough.  It also looks like it comes with a guide so that you know where to put the sandwich filling, ensuring that it ends up in the middle of the face. 

The faces that it cuts look really cute!  With all of the pieces you could probably come up with new creations for quite a while.

Now, how to make broccoli and green beans look more appealing?

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