Stop the Crumbs With The Cookie Safe

When you have small kids your time out can be very limited.  Children tend to have a very short attention span, so trips to the store or family dinners out are often rushed.  One great stalling tactic that parents learn along the way is to toss some portable snacks into the diaper bag (or purse).  When the child starts to act up you present them with a little nibble to tide them over and distract them for a while.  It is a great ploy and almost always works unless the snack has become crushed inside the diaper bag.

The Cookie Safe was created to keep snacks intact until you are ready to buy yourself a little extra time.  The safe is made of BPA and PVC free polypropylene, so it is safe for storing food.  If you are sick of opening a package full of cracker crumbs or a squished granola bar while your child is wailing in the background, then this may be the solution. 

It comes in three bright colors (orange, purple and green) and is made to take up a minimal amount of space.  Even if your child decides to sit on top of the diaper bag, the cookies should remain unharmed.  This could also be handy for slightly older children who take a lunch to school – no more cleaning the crumbs out of the bottom of the backpack.

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