Cooking Invention To Provide Greater Freedom For Millions Of Women: The Rotimatic


Roti, commonly served with southern Asian food: image via wikipedia.comRoti, commonly served with southern Asian food: image via wikipedia.comIf you are not familiar with roti, an Indian flatbread served warm and crispy, you are missing out on one of the yummiest accompaniments to curry and other Indian and south Asian dishes. But serving delicious roti fresh and warm at dinner time takes hours of tedious work, performed mostly by women in India, Pakistan, and many other south Asian and African countries every day. 

So, it's no surprise that inventor Pranoti Nagarkar believes that the impact of her Rotimatic will be on a par with the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine, and the contraceptive pill in terms of providing freedom to women.


Rotimatic, automatic roti-making machine: image via cnet.comRotimatic, automatic roti-making machine: image via


The Rotimatic is indeed a dream machine.  Though roti only includes a few ingredients - flour, oil, and water - it takes hours and talent to make them correctly, so the fact that the Rotimatic can produce 20 roti with one batch of ingredients and pops one fresh, hot roti out per minute has got to spell relief for south Asian women and foodies around the world who also make roti a daily staple.

Here is a demonstration of the new Rotimatic. The video shows a modern Indian working couple where the male is clearly enjoying his role in making the fabled roti....


The Rotimatic will make its first shipment in December to residents of Singapore where its manufacturer, Zimplistic, is located.  There is a waiting list for the Rotimatic, but don't expect to get yours any time real soon, as the next rollout will probably be to the inventor's home country, India.


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