CookThink will Satisfy Your Cravings

This one goes out to all the foodies of the internet.  For those who love to cook, and eat their own good cookin', the search for something fun and new is always a challenge.  Ordinarily, if you have a random craving for something involving a few unique ingredients, you can do a quick Google search and see what you come up with.  But what if there was a site that specialized in quirky cravings and unique recipes?

Now there is.  CookThink makes it easy to search for recipes that have all your favorite ingredients in them, or find distinct dishes that feature something different in them.  The home page  has an idea box that lets you click a bunch of different ingredients if you don't already have your appetite made up already.  You can also search by dish, type of cuisine, or whatever mood you're in that day.  When you click "search", you'll be taken to a simple results page where you can then peruse the recipes you've discovered.

The search results page is pretty cool, too.  If you hover your mouse over any of the results, you'll get a quick summary of the recipe, and where the dish is derived from.  When you finally pick your heart's delight, you get a nice looking page with an easy-to-follow recipe that will make you feel like Gordon Ramsay in your own kitchen.  Imagine that.

You don't have to sign up for CookThink in order to use it,  But if you do have an account, you can get a little more out of the site. Having an account makes it easy to track what recipes you've been cooking on CookThink, and stay current on what your cravings are, in order to spice things up a bit.  Each recipe page also has a source link (if applicable), and how-to stuff on anything you need to know in order to complete the recipe.  You also get drink pairings, which takes the guess work out of putting your dish with your favorite cocktail.

A site like this almost begs for more media.  The whole CookThink system works like a charm on its own, and would be even better with some instructional videos or interesting historical information accompanying the recipe.  Its fun to jump around the site and see what quirky stuff comes up when you start clicking around, especially for food lovers.  So go have some fun on CookThink, and let us know what you whipped up (we're starving just thinking about it).