Cool Wearable Tech: Bathing Shorts That Don't Get Wet

The idea of bathing trunks that don't get wet seems to defy the laws of both nature and common sense, but it's true. Here's how a high school graduate developed a new way to revolutionize the concept of swimwear.

What inspired the creation of these swimming trunks that stay dry?

Frank Shaw from Toronto, Canada, is a 19-year-old, very clever entrepreneur. The high school graduate has created  a new line of swimming trunks that stay dry in water because he grew tired of soaking the seats in his car after a day at the beach. He told the press: " I wanted to create a garment that could transition from a day at the beach, to a workout at the gym and a night on the town all without having to change."


Frank Anthony Blue Trunks: Source: Anthony Blue Trunks: Source:


Marketed as Frank Anthony Shorts, the first prototype took 9 months to develop and was unsuccessful because the nanotechnology spray used to coat the fabric was too stiff, rendering the shorts too rigid to open and close properly. Shaw then decided to try using a nanotechnology fabric instead.

Not the first water-repellent swimwear, but the best so far


Drawstring Frank Anthony Shorts: Source: Frank Anthony Shorts: Source:


Hydrophobic nanotech consumer goods aren't new, but they always had a limited lifetime. Last year, a Silic water-repelling T-shirt was released, but its properties were only guaranteed for eighty washes. The Frank Anrhony Swimwear stands behind its promise that  its water-resistant qualities will last for the lifetime of the shorts. American retailers, such as Flint and Outlier, utilize Nanosphere treatment on their swimwear, but it is Shaw's inbuilt Hydrophic Nanotechnology that is innovative, revolutionary and ground-breaking.

According to Shaw: 

"Water repelling technology...offers surface spill protection, but the technology completely loses all form of productivity when overencumbered with liquid due to its surface coating characteristics...A lot of surface coatings fade over time. Due to the characteristics of our fabric, the Hydrophobic Nanotechnology will last as long as the stitching on the garment."

Who funded the project and how does this swimwear work?


Beach Pattern Frank Anthony Shorts: Source: Kickstarter.comBeach Pattern Frank Anthony Shorts: Source:


Funding for the new line of Frank Anthony swimwear  has come from a company known as Kickstarter, who just after 15 days surpassed the $10,000 goal to raise $45,000. The trunks range in price from about $45 to $62 and they dry 95% faster than any others on the market today. The trunks come in a  range of colors, styles and patterns.


The Sea Pattern Frank Anthony Shorts: Source: Kickstarter.comThe Sea Pattern Frank Anthony Shorts: Source:


The swimwear is comprised of a unique polyester-based hydrophobic material that repels liquid. Made in Italy and manufactured in Switzerland, the fabric wards off liquid by bonding nanoparticles to fibers on a microscopic level. When water hits the fabric, it rolls off because the material creates an air surface (sphere)  around the shorts, which prevents seepage.

The future of Frank Anthony Swimwear

Time will certainly tell on this most interesting swimwear whose creators claim can be washed with like colors in any washing machine. However, one question that lingers is: how can the shorts be washed clean if they don't absorb any water? The answer, my friends, is not blowing in the wind, but must be there somwhere, right?