"Cool Blogs Go Down Like a Good Cup of Coffee:" Says Seth

Being that I maintain one of the, ahem, coolest blogs on the net, I'm always looking for other cool blogs out there that give me a run for my money. Occasionally I will find a blog out there--like Dark Roasted Blend --that provides entertaining quippy web nib-lets that keep me scrolling through pages and pages of past posts (seriously, what is up with me and alliteration lately?).


Dark Roasted Blend, which recently (like, yesterday) underwent a name change from Thrilling Wonder, is a great blog dedicated to, as their tagline says, "something old, something new, something cool." At the DRB blog you can find all sorts of weird and wonderful things and, much like we here at Inventor Spot, it's updated daily to ensure a never-ending onslaught of blog-worthy goodies. My favorite section of the site? Their daily "Link Latte" blog where they provide some of the best links on the web for your clicking enjoyment.

Uh oh...Uh oh...

They also feature cool advertisements, new video games, interesting pictures and a slew of other cool things to keep you entertained throughout your boring work day. So stop by for a rich, refreshing cup of Dark Roasted Blend . It's a blog that always goes down smooth.

Seth Plattner
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Inventor Spot Team
Jul 2, 2007
by Steve Levenstein
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Name change for the better...

I'm glad DRB didn't just take the easy route and change it to "Willing Thunder"... now they can feature Gloria's "Save The Forests with Coffee" article, it's a natural!