Cool Cat Hoodie is a Back to School Faux Paws

Wanna be the teacher's pet this school year? Then make a feline beeline for this cool cat hoodie from Japan's Ito Manufacturing. Available in black or gray, the Hachiware Cat Parka is absolutely purr-fect for students looking to show some style before school's out and it's time to join the rat race.

This animalistic hoodie picks up on the styling trend pioneered by cute animal backpacks and last year's popular animal hats, then runs with it without a pause. Or should I say, “paws”.

Don't be fooled, the Hachiware Cat Parka (ハチワレ猫パーカー) is hardly a winter overcoat. More like a deluxe sweatshirt, fleece-lined and 100 percent cotton except for the ribbed sleeve-ends and hem which are 95 percent cotton and 5 percent polyester.

It's the built-in quality and attention to detail that make this zippered hoodie cool for cats and cat-lovers, not to mention those who may not care about cats but who just want to look cool at school. Got that? Good, let's continue, shall we?

The hoodie features pink ears, raised and stuffed cotton felt eyes and nose, embroidered silvery whiskers, an elaborate exterior label that exuberantly proclaims its Japanese origin, and a rosy red zipper pull. Why rosy red? It's the cat's tongue, of course!

This hooded homage to tabbies, shorthairs and calicos finishes up the way most cats do: with a tail! Now isn't that the cat's pyjamas? Actually no, but we're sure those will be coming soon.

Available in black or gray and in sizes S through XL, Ito Manufacturing is selling the Hachiware Cat Parka online for 14,800 yen (around $190) each at their website. Be aware that this hoodie already seems to have found an appreciative audience regardless of its high price as many sizes are sold out, at least temporarily.

Sep 5, 2011
by Anonymous

Cool Cat Hoodie is a Back to School Faux Paws

Absolutely adorable!