A Cool Cat's Designer Scratcher: The Wedge By Cat Livin'

Cat Livin' is as serious about catering to the needs of the cat as it is about integrating cat accoutrements into the modern home.  Here again, Cat Livin' delivers style and function in its scratching post alternative: The Wedge/Euro.

Made of ultra lite plywood with Italian laminate veneer, the 45-degree angled Wedge is inlayed with a stylish scratch pad for your stylish kitty.  Cats love the angle and you will love the style.



(The Garden on the table above is another Cat Livin' creation: a healthy grass just for cats that will help their digestive systems (and hairballs!), and provide balanced nutrition to their diets.)





The Wedge/Euro is sturdily constructed and the two wooden panels slide to interlock, so there are no tools required for set up.   Two laminates are available for the plywood: white with tiger back or tiger with white back.  Carpet colors include chocolate, grass, ice blue, and stripe.

Pretty neat!


That's the buzz for today!



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