Cool Inspiration From Previous Arctic Innovation Competition Winners!

If you’re planning on entering the 2013 Arctic Innovation Competition, it wouldn’t hurt to take a peek at the inventions that wowed the judges of this chilly contest, so here are the grand prize winners from 2009 to 2012 for extra inspiration:



2012 Grand Prize Winner - Rick Stafford, Airlite Inflatable Snowshoes


Not only did these extremely durable inflatable snowshoes impress AIC’s judges, but they also caught the attention of the US and Canadian militaries! The Airlites have been thoroughly tested under savage conditions in Alaska’s wilderness, which may make these collapsible and reusable snowshoes the ultimate blizzard footwear. Learn more about Airlite Inflatable Snowshoes here.

2011 Grand Prize Winner - Billy Koitzsch & Bob Ostrom, HydroHeater


This innovative system is a hydration system with a warming element inside of the waterlines to prevent frozen pipes, even in the coldest conditions. It’s an awesome idea that could potentially save lives in freeze-prone areas of the world.

2010 Grand Prize Winner - Chris Hunter - Arctic Electric Vehicle



Here is an exciting take on electric cars: Chris’ Axial Flux Motor is expected to drive 800-900 miles without needing an additional charge. Other than his work to create Alaska’s premier electric vehicle, he also works on developing beta voltaic solar panels, a battery extender and other innovations.

2009 Grand Prize Winner - Sid Coy and Chris Hunter - Battery Controller


Chris and Sid collaborated to produce a battery charging device that increases the life of a standard battery up to ten times longer than it would normally survive with a standard charge.

It sure does seem that if you want to stand out at the 2013 Arctic Innovation Competition, your invention should benefit Alaskans. Click here if you’d like to learn more about this year’s contest, but if you’ve developed an ice, snow, or polar bear teleporting gizmo, then the $10,000 grand prize is as good as yours!

Stay cool, Inventors!