3 Cool Kitchen Gadgets Worth Buying in 2013

Everybody loves a cool gadget, especially one which makes cooking at home easier and more fun. So get ready for a few of the best you can find at the moment, as well as those possibly arriving some time soon. From summer-enhancing BBQ revelations, to gadgets which may change everything we have ever known about toasting bread, they are all very very cool.

Digital BBQ Tongs

Why do we all love BBQs so much? Is it the back to basics (ish) nature of it? The fire? The meat? Yes all of the above. And whilst hosting these meaty extravaganzas there is nothing better than showing off one's latest BBQ accessory. Yep, If I were thinking of having a BBQ-themed gathering I would certainly go and grab these digital tongs faster than you could say 'put another shrimp on the barby'. I can picture the scene now, with hoards of jealous BBQers admiring my Digital BBQ Tongs; surely an opportunity not to be missed. 

Very cool:  Digital BBQ TongsVery cool: Digital BBQ Tongs

Focusing (reluctantly) on the technical things for a second, outdoor wannabe chefs can use the thermometer which comes with these tongs to monitor the temperature of their beloved meat, avoiding any ill guests in the process and guaranteeing perfectly cooked prime meat. You can read reviews and buy the tongs here.

The Transparent Toaster

Now hold your horses, because this one is only a concept at present. But what a cool future there is for our kitchens if it is possible to watch your toast as it...well...toasts. Think about it. You could say goodbye to the stress of having to watch the toaster, and the disappointment of never being able to prevent the innevitable 'over toasting'.

What a cool concept: Transparent ToasterWhat a cool concept: Transparent Toaster

One of many design ideas from the Inventable Concept Group,  the Transarent Toaster concept would make use of Heated Glass material, which is currently used in products such as towel warmers etc., thus opening up a world where toast can be constantly monitored, and where the stomach-churning sensation which comes along with burnt toast will exist no longer. (Update: Transparant toasters like this one are already on the market.)

3 in 1 PrepStation

Kitchen gadgets, whilst sometimes cool, are also all about convenience, right? Well it doesn't get much more convenient than this 3 in 1 PrepStation from Chef'n.

Convenient and cool: Chef'n 3 in 1 PrepStationConvenient and cool: Chef'n 3 in 1 PrepStation

With a colander for washing and draining your produce, and a tray ready to receive any chopped goodness which you may choose to scrape off your board, this is a product which simply makes your life easier. No walking over to the pan with a dripping chopping board whilst vegetables go flying in all directions. Is this the coolest kitchen gadget? Perhaps not, but let's be brutally honest; are cool gadgets much different than convenient gadgets? Think about it..... To read reviews, watch a demonstration and buy the 3 in 1 PrepStation you can click here.

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