Cool Kitchen Knife Chops & Slices Without Using A Cutting Board

Meal preparation in small spaces can be a pain, and a big-ass cutting board has a big footprint on a small kitchen counter. The "Chop-It" from Silvermark (Japanese product page here) frees up counter space by doing three different jobs: it chops, it slices, and it doesn't need any support from a cutting board.

The Chop-It looks a little like those old fashioned hand & palm exercisers - you know, the ones with the springs that would grab onto your arm hairs if you weren't careful. Good times!

Now imagine one of those exer-thingies with a shearing blade and a slotted spoon on the end, in the places the blades of a scissors normally would be.

Squeeze the Chop-It and the upper blade slices downward and into anything that's sitting on the "spoon". The cut is complete when the blade nestles into the slot running down the center of the spoon. Repeat as desired.

The Chop-It costs 3,800 yen (about $42.50) at Rakuten, which isn't exactly cheap, but remember it's a multi-functional device that will save you time, space and aggravation. And hey, using it is probably good exercise for your hands! (via Impress Watch)  In the U.S., you can  get the  Silvermark Salad Chopper fromAmazon for around $25.

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