Cool Solar Gadgets For The Solar Powered Addicted Dad

I think solar powered gadgets are amazing, so I have put together a list of solar powered gift ideas for Father's Day.  If you still need to buy a gift for your dad or your baby's daddy take a look at the list below. You might just find what you are looking for or think of something better along the way. Either way, I hope it helps.

1. Solar Powered Electric Shaver

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This is the kind of shaver dad can take camping, or take on the road with him. It takes the Solar Electric Shaver 8 hour to full charge and yes, it can also be charged by AC, if needed. The solar powered shaver uses Double independent floating blades, a high technique solar panel and a high rotate speed silver palladium alloy motor. It has an indication light to show when charging and a push type shear.

2. Solar Powered Headphones

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This is solar powered gadget is a smart idea Unfortunately it still isn't on the market, but my hope is that it will be soon. What is it? Designer Shepeleff Stephen has designed a solar-powered, Bluetooth-connected Q-Sound (quantum sound) headphone set. The headphones have a flexible solar powered panels, wireless technology, and rotating earpieces. One hour in the sun will allow 2.67 hours of power. This is at maximum volume. It can run up to 40 hours when fully charged.

3. Solar Powered Coffee Maker

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For the men in your life that need coffee, industrial designer Christopher G. Patton invented a Girasol, a portable solar powered coffee maker. There really isn't any explanation about the solar powered ability of this gadget, except that a, "student design group was commissioned by the Universidad de Quintana Roo in southern Mexico to design a series of coffee makers.  The intent is to generate a source of revenue that would subsidize a charitable project initiated by Quintana Roo." Considering how many people drinking coffee and how many are plugged into homes everyday this invention would save a lot of money in addition to conserving energy.  

4. Solar Powered Flashlight

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I actually have one of these flashlights and I absolutely love it. Mine is blue though and I prefer it that way. My husband loves it too. There are 6 super bright LEDs and 3 standard NiMH, AA rechargeable batteries inside. It will fully charge in about 8 hours and can illuminate up to 6 hours every night. There is also a nightglow strip on the flashlight that makes it easier to find in the dark.  Amazon has an amazing collection of solar powered flashlights.

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This solar oven can cook in solar mode, electric mode or both (hybrid mode). To cook point it to the sun, adjust the back reflector panel so that the sunshine reflects into the oven's dark cooking chamber" and that is it.  If dinner is taking too long or clouds appear in the sky switch to electric. "The Solar Oven's two setting thermostat automatically controls and maintains the cooking temperature inside the oven chamber so your food is always safe and cooked to perfection even when the weather isn't."

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Sometimes dad needs some kid fun too. This solar gadget is a Solar Airship. It weighs 230 grams. It is 8 meters long and if you let go it can fly up to 30,000 feet in the air.  To inflate this balloon let it sit in the sun for a few minutes. The material the balloon is made of will absorb the heat from the sun and inflate. To fly it, attach the 50 meter cord provided.

If you find the list interesting feel free to share it with your friends and family. You are also welcome to add your own solar powered gift ideas in the comments section below. May you have a wonderful bright sun shiny day.

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