Coolbox Is The World's Smartest Toolbox

Take your toolbox to the next level. With the Coolbox, you get your storage capacity found in a traditional toolbox, but a plethora of additional features to help you with your tasks. They've packed a bunch of extras into this box to help with your next hands-on project.


Let's start with the "normal" stuff, however. With the Coolbox you get almost 1800 cubic inches of space with a removable tray for storage below and above. You get handles on each side so if moving it by yourself is not an option, there is always another handle for a buddy to help you transport the Coolbox. There is also a clock on the front of the unit and wheels on the bottom for easy moving. And don't forget about the whiteboard tucked away in the lid of the box and internal LEDs for finding the right tool in low light.

There's also a tablet standThere's also a tablet stand

Pretty typical stuff, but the Coolbox takes it to a new level with its other features. Included in the unit is a 20v, internal rechargeable polymer battery with 5000mAh to charge devices (there are two USB ports on the unit) and power any, well, power tools. In addition to the power supply, the Coolbox also includes a 12 foot retractable extension cord and 3-way splitter. There are also Bluetooth speakers on the unit, a work essential on those long days. Connect via any Bluetooth device or connect directly using an auxiliary jack.

With a name like Coolbox I was really hoping for some sort of refrigeration unit, but sadly there is not one. The Coolbox is currently being funded on IndieGoGo, but has already reached its goal so production is scheduled to start shipping out in June of 2015. 

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