The Coolest New Dog Toy GRINZ, Bounces, And Holds Treats Too


Who can help but smile at these two happy-looking dogs?  Those are not wax Halloween teeth in their mouths, but the new Grinz Ball by lifestyle-for-dogs company, Rogz, that will surprise and delight you and your dog....


Rogz Grinz Balls keep dogs smilingRogz Grinz Balls keep dogs smiling


What's the big deal about the Grinz Ball.  Well, aside from making you laugh out loud everytime you see it in your pup's mouth, there's plenty of big deal.  The Grinz Ball is a flexible ball, good for medium biters, that also bounces!  Additionally, the Grinz ball holds kibble treats, if you want to include them....


Rogz Grinz BallRogz Grinz Ball


... and it floats!


 Rogz Grinz Ball floats (Great toy for dogs that love the water!)Rogz Grinz Ball floats (Great toy for dogs that love the water!)


The Grinz is made from a non-toxic thermoplastic elastomer. It is made for dogs who enjoy chewing, but are not aggressive chewers. It's fun for you and your dog.  What more do you want besides information on how to get it?

The Rogz Grinz is available at in a variety of colors and sizes, from small to large.


That's the buzz for today!

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