Coolest Bar In Tokyo Serves Beer In Blocks Of Ice

Never mind those wacky Brits, beer should be drunk cold, especially in the summertime heat. The usual way to serve it up is to pour the beer straight from a refrigerated can or bottle into a chilled glass mug, but "usual" just doesn't cut it when you work at Icebar Tokyo.

The proprietors of this very cool Ginza tavern serve various drinks and cocktails in hollowed-out blocks of ice sourced from ICEHOTEL, originator of the famed Scandinavian icebars.

Over a million "In The Rocks" mugs and glasses are made every year and mailed around the world so Icebar customers can enjoy a frosty mug that's, well, made of frost.


Here's a video on the "In The Rocks" mugs showing them being produced and enjoyed:

You don't have to be a bar-owner to order these icy mugs, by the way. They can be ordered over the Internet for around $6.00 each not including shipping, which should be expensive, all things considered.

Supposedly each ice mug lasts about an hour before melting away... one wonders how many beers each mug can chill during its all-to-brief lifetime? (via Japan Probe)

Jul 22, 2009
by Anonymous

Can this be expanded?

Can this be a Franchise & can they serve these in Ice Blocks:

Vodak drinks
Rum drinks

Way Cool for CA Heat (today in 96F).

Franchise this, for summer heat states- HI, CA, NV, NM, TX, AZ alone.

(avoid Middle East-save Israel).