The Coolest Computer that You May Never Be Able to Buy

I've quickly developed a love/hate relationship with designers. While they offer some truly innovative and forward-thinking ideas on just about every type of product imaginable, many of their products are so nice that it's frustrating they're just concepts. In escaping to the alternate reality, it can be difficult to come back to a harsh world in which the concepts aren't available to purchase. 

And so it is with the Sony Nextep wrist computer designed by Hiromi Kiriki. This computer is gorgeous and completely functional in every forseeable way. It features a flexible OLED screen that allows it to wrap up neatly around the wrist, allowing you to carry it as easily as a watch or bracelet. The OLED display is a touchscreen, but a pull-out keyboard provides the physical navigation that tablets and smartphones are so lacking of. And when the tiny OLED screen just isn't enough for what you're doing, a holographic projector provides additional screen space.

That was a lovely, little escape wasn't it? Now BAM!!!! Back to reality. There's no actual prototype in the works. The Sony label is a wishful figment of the designer's imagination. And we may never see a computer as beautiful as the Nextep. Now tell me you don't both love and hate Kiriki the way I do. 

Emotions aside, the Nextep provides form and function well beyond the current generation of tablets and smartphones. As portable and convenient as a tablet is, it will never offer this type of flexibility. Unfortunately, unless the concept was launched by Apple, I have a feeling the iPad would still manage to outsell it. I know which one I'd be buying, though. 

Yanko via GadgetCrave