The Coolest Folding Chair Ever! The Stitch Chair

It's just so darn cool, I have to show it to you. The brand new folding chair by Australian designer Adam Goodrum is being produced by Cappellini! Colorful and compact, the chair gives new life and new practicality to the folding chair.

Made of lacquer-polished aluminum plate with polypropylene feet (so they won't scratch your floors), the chair folds along several "stitches," or hinges you can see in the drawings below:




Now that you've seen how it works.... Here is the Stitch Chair in living color. This one is the multi-colored Stitch Chair:


Here, the Stitch Chair from the side:



And.... folded up!



If you're not partial to the multi-colored Stitch Chair, the chair also comes in solid colors: white, blue, yellow, grey, red -- the same colors that are on the multi-colored Stitch Chair. Here's a beauty in red!



sources: Adam Goodrum, Cappellini, via


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Nov 26, 2008
by Anonymous

it would have been cool

if it had been able to be folded up to a small something.