The Coolest Geeky Gadget Prototype: iPhone Compatible GPS Glasses

With some of today's gadgets, it seems like what we though this millennium would look like is finally coming true with the technologies available. The latest innovation is a prototype only right now, but it proves just how far we've come, and will help some wayward commuters as they go as well!

iPhone ARideriPhone ARider

Ubiquitous Entertainment from Tokyo has created a portable navigation system that seems right out of the future, but it's available today. The GPS System, called the iPhone ARider is displayed in a pair of glasses that can be worn and used to display maps that are loaded onto an iPhone. To see different parts of the map, wearers simply need to turn their heads to figure out where they need to go, without having to look at the app on their iPhone screen. The innovative geeky gadget can also be used as a Bluetooth headset, and can be activated to perform Twitter updates.

Wearable GPS NavigationWearable GPS Navigation

Not only does this portable GPS navigation system comes with a technology that's from the future, it has a pretty fashion forward look, if you like the geeky gadget design that is!

Via: CrunchGear