The Coolest Hotel Ever—Literally






Ice hotels seem to be popping up all over the world, and while there is a certain charm in staying overnight in a room made of solid ice, sometimes you just want the experience without the bone chilling cold. With that in mind,Kakslauttanen resort in Saariselkä, Finland offers these beautiful glass igloo accommodations that are romantic, peaceful and every bit as magical as staying in a real ice igloo, but you won't walk out of one with frostbite on your nose.






Kakslauttanen resort is know for their Igloo Village that is comprised of a number of carved igloos for guests to stay in. But, there are a few travellers out there who just can't stand up to those nippy Finish winters, thus the creation of the glass igloos. All snugly and warm, each igloo is built out of a special thermo glass that keeps heat trapped inside the igloo so guests never get cold. The glass also keeps frost from building up on the outside, ensuring that views stay crystal clear the entire time. The luxury beds also come with heavy duvets and every igloo has its own bathroom.







Located close by there is also a snow chapel, a 150 people snow restaurant (the world's largest), a Finnish traditional smoke sauna, an eight-meter-tall glass tepee (designed to resemble the typical Lapp tepee called kota) for cocktail parties under the Aurora Borealis and a honeymoon suite or two. Seems they've done a pretty good job of creating a fairytale winter wonderland.



May 29, 2008
by Anonymous

this hotle is soooo cool

this hotle is soooo cool