Is this the coolest or wackiest backpack you have ever seen?


There are too many things in this world that are just on the edge of cool and wacky. As with all things innovative or novel, it takes awhile to realize the brilliance of it. That is often the challenge for innovative inventors. was nice enough to feature my recent article on the
wackiest products for your dog on his site. Right above my article on his blog, I found this interesting dicovery of an unique item found at

It's a leather backpack, but like nothing I have ever seen. The Leather Dragon Backpack is definitely a product that will get you attention, like the spiked backpack I featured here last week.


But because of the artistry and design involved increating this leather backpack, I am reluctant to label it wacky. What do you think? Should it go into our cool stuff collection (Boom) or our wacky products (Bust) collection? Go to the top of this posting and please vote.

Please help me decide.

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