Cool-it Caddy Icepops Are Really Cool Cosmetic Bags - Literally!

When you go away on a trip you want to be looking great. After all, those vacation photos are going to last a lifetime and you don’t want to be horrified every time the album comes out. While it’s true that most of us take on a bit of holiday radiance when we get away for a while, rest and relaxation can only take you so far. Makeup enthusiasts (like me) also want to have an arsenal of cosmetics on hand to complete the perfect vacation glow. The only problem is that in warm weather makeup can melt, sometimes before it ever gets to your face. Cool-it Caddy Icepops to the rescue!

Icepops are super cool makeup bags – literally! They have classic makeup bag styling, with zippered pockets, fun colors and textures and a portable size. The difference is that these bags are designed to keep your cosmetics (or medication, snacks, sunscreen, etc.) cold. You just freeze the bag before packing and it will keep your gear chilled for up to 7 hours. No more melty concealer or liquefied lip balm.

Even better, Cool-it Caddy bags have air tight interiors and waterproof exteriors, so you can bring your supplies along for all your activities and not worry about damage. You can even tuck money and cards into the extra pockets and leave your purse at home. To have a closer look at Icepops or to order click here

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