Cooltribe – Green Social Networking Site Launches

Do you believe fervently in saving our planet? Would you like to communicate with others that share that passion?  Well, today there is an online community that can address those concerns.  Cooltribe, the social networking site dedicated to connecting green-minded, socially-conscious people from around the world was recently launched. One of the first of its type, Cooltribe welcomes members who are dedicated to saving the environment and fighting global warming while pursuing sustainability and other ethical issues that affect all citizens of planet Earth.

Cooltribe features daily news imported from across media sources, daily discussion forums where members can air their views and experiences and ongoing action challenges, where a small actions taken daily can help reduce our carbon footprint.

Its co-founder, Hessia Fernandes, who hails from London, England (and also resides in Spain), Hessia FernandesHessia Fernandesexplains that Cooltribe offers a communication platform for groups and individuals from around the world, where they can share their thoughts, ideas, videos and various forms of content. There are no registration fees to join the community.

As an ever-evolving platform, Cooltribe will provide more features to its members moving forward. "We are well aware that Internet users are currently active on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and Twitter. Our aim is not to compete with those broad-based networks, but rather to create a vibrant niche community with a social agenda to engage members in ongoing conversations about the environment," notes Ms. Fernandes.

One of the key reasons for developing Cooltribe, according to Hessia “was to give ‘voice’ to individuals and groups like EcoGreenHotel who are doing amazing things to save the planet, but heretofore didn’t have a platform to publish their news and attract more people to join their causes.  Presently published in the English language, the goal is expand to other languages and based on future investments develop additional innovative applications for the site.

As of May, 2009, Cooltribe is planting one tree in the Amazon for every member who joins Cooltribe. They have set their selves a goal of planting one million trees by the next Climate Change Conference scheduled in Copenhagen December 7-18, 2009. I hope the readers of this blog know of green-conscious individuals and groups that can help them reach this goal!

Cooltribe is not an accredited body, nor a charitable organization. Cooltribe believes in the spirit of community and its power to make a difference. As Hillary Clinton stated in one of her more socially conscious books, “it takes a village!”  Well, I think that Cooltribe is well on its way to making our planet, just that village!  Engage in the conversation today and help make a difference!
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Jun 1, 2009
by Anonymous

Recommendation On A Green Social Network Called "Greenwala"

I've been a member of for 7 months now and while I appreciate what Cool Tribe is doing, Greenwala has been there, done that. I think that it's amusing that they are also planting one tree for every new member who joins -- Greenwala is working with non-profit group "Trees For The Future" to reach a goal of planting one million trees by the end of this summer. More than anything, it's the vibe, community spirit and content that makes a green social network worthy of visiting day after day. I think that anyone who gives Greenwala a shot will stick around for the long haul :)