Coordinated Aerobic Exercise & Strength Training: The Low Impact Fitness Trampoline


Few of us today have time to do all the types of exercise we need to stay fit.  Not only should aerobic exercise be an integral part of our daily routines, but strength training is also very important.  Fitness experts advise you to focus your strength training on upper body or lower body, rotating them on different days and, further, on large muscle groups and small muscle groups. If you can't spend a few hours at the gym every day, here's at least one exercise machine that works several muscle groups and gives you an aerobic workout too: The Low Impact Fitness Trampoline.


The Low Impact Fitness TrampolineThe Low Impact Fitness Trampoline


You can jump, walk, or run on the Fitness Trampoline, without killing your joints.  Unlike the workout-trampolines of old, this new version has softer coils that guarantee a softer landing, perfect for non-athletes, enabling us to burn calories, build muscles, and enhance circulation without excessive strain. 

There's also opportunity for variety on the Low Impact Fitness Trampoline.  The oval shape, for example, gives you the opportunity to work out the external and internal leg muscles by doing jumping jacks and other lateral exercises with your legs.  The handle bar enables you to experiment with different leg movements while maintaining your stability.  And, of course, the two elastic resistance bands enable you to work out your arms, shoulders, back and chest while you workout your lower body too. It looks like fun, doesn't it?

The Low Impact Fitness Trampoline comes with an electronic LCD display, perched on the handlebar, that keeps track of your jumps per minute, total jumps, workout time, and estimated calories burned.  Another plus is that you can purchase the Low Impact Fitness Trampoline from Hammacher Schlemmer, so there's a lifetime guarantee. I think it's a good value.


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