CopDots Are New Tool In Property Protection Arsenal

Copdots. It isn’t what it sounds like. It's not cops with measels. Nor is it sprinkles from a donut. One of the newest technologies in the never ending battle of reactive police work is this nifty technology from This is a pen that one can just buy from their website or get at their local Lowe’s Hardware store and it has been used effectively by law enforcement agencies nationwide to identify lost or stolen items.

Donut Crumbs or an STD?Donut Crumbs or an STD?

What’s new about this is that it’s so simple that you would think “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s a pen that has an UV light sensitive adhesive liquid in it that dispenses the thousands of numbered microdots within it that you would apply to key areas of your items.  For as little as twenty bucks and maybe an hour of your time to register your items, it will give law enforcement an additional tool to identify your precious item from all the other items if it’s found at another crime scene or at a pawn shop, where seems to be the final resting place for most items from a burglary.

CopDots magnifiedCopDots magnified

These dots should be carefully adhered onto strategic placement areas that CopDots recommend but on that note, wouldn’t a crafty thief also know where to wipe it down as well? Of course every technology has a weakness but the key word is deterrent. A crafty thief wouldn’t take items that are precariously marked with this product in the first place. In our Big Brother post 9/11 world, documentation and cameras are everywhere. Because most thieves are, let’s face it, very sloppy. They will generally take anything that isn’t nailed down but would bring the most profit to supply their Meth habit. So having this product on your property will make it easier for the cops to find your stuff when they scan the local pawn shops that have a sideline of fencing stolen property so don’t worry about your teddy bear and take care of electronic items first. CopDots are even nice enough to give you stickers to let the reading offenders know that your property is protected by their system.

Ain't He Cute?: Worry about the high value items first.Ain't He Cute?: Worry about the high value items first.

If you are looking for a tool to help with theft protection and as a theft deterrent, CopDots are an option worth considering.