CORE Patient Recovery Vest Could Help Save Lives

CORE Recovery VestCORE Recovery Vest

In a mass casualty accident, paramedics have about 30 seconds to assess a patient's condition and begin treatment, before they move on to another patient. With the aid of the CORE recovery vest, paramedics can get quick, accurate measurements and continue to monitor patients much easier, which could, in the end, save lives.

Rescue Workers And PatientRescue Workers And Patient

CORE has vital sensors that measure a patients heart rate and respiratory rate. It also measures body temperature and environmental temperature. All of this allows paramedics to assess triage priority. If that wasn't enough, CORE also has an LED strip around it which changes color according to a patient's triage level--green for a minor injury, yellow for a major injury and red for a life-threatening injury.


CORE also has an inflatable neck support for those with a neck injury and a chemical heat pad to stabilize body temperature. With all of these features, CORE can help paramedics asses patients at the scene of a mass casualty accident and monitor them until they can be transported to a hospital. At the moment, CORE is in its developmental stages, but could soon be a life-saving solution for paramedics.

Source: CORE