The Coreculum Ball Is A Medicine Ball And Workout Guide In One Device

Coreculum BallCoreculum Ball

Workout equipment is often expensive and sometimes confusing to use, and personal trainers are even more expensive. With the Coreculum Ball, you'll get a solid piece of workout equipment that comes with diagrams and instructions on how to get in a total body workout in about 30 minutes.

The Coreculum Ball is basically a medicine ball with exercise diagrams on it. The diagrams give you the basic movements of 16 different exercises that will work the arms, legs, back and core. Each diagram is color-coded so that you know which muscle group you're working and so you can design your own workouts accordingly. 

Coreculum Dimensions And SpecsCoreculum Dimensions And Specs

The 16 workout infographics on the Correculum Ball were designed by Dr. Jim Rickards. Dr. Rickards partnered with fitness and design industry experts to determine the ideal movements and graphics so that beginner or a competitive athlete can utilize the ball.  

The ball itself is 12 inches in diameter and comes in 6, 8 or 10 pound versions. It is a durable ball, made of rubberized material, so that you can pound it on the ground during your workouts. 

Working Out With CoreculumWorking Out With Coreculum

The Coreculum Ball is simple to use, if you haven't picked up on it yet. All you do is select a 6, 8 or 10 pound ball, decide which body part(s) you want to work, select accordingly from the 16 color-coded exercises, check the ball for the correct form and sets and reps and then do the workout. 

This is a great piece of equipment for the novice. It is instructional and functional, and it can be used in your home. This means that the beginner can become familiar with different exercises on their own terms. They can become comfortable with working out without 50 others walking around them doing their own gym-thing. 

Though the exercises infographics were designed so that a beginner or competitive athlete can use the ball, the competitive athlete probably won't get that much out of the ball. First, 10 pounds probably won't be heavy enough and second, a 30 minute workout with a medicine ball probably won't yield enough work. However, this can be a good supplemental tool for anyone. So whether you're a beginner or an expert, the Coreculum can help you in your fitness goals. 

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