Cork: Not Just For Bulletin Boards

Maybe it's because my budget confines me to 'less expensive' wines, but I notice bottles are no longer being corked and, instead, have metal screw top caps like cooking sauces. When I realized the evolution had already taken place, I wished I had saved my bottle corks for posterity, or for a cork top table...

Not so much.  But I'm pleased to see that this wonderful material that is lightweight, easy to harvest, sustainable and, of course, waterproof is being recognized by some designers as the material of choice.  For example,  Reza Feiz, created the Life After Corkage Barstool and Ottoman for Phase Design; I like to think of them as modernizations of the nostalgic do-it-yourself cork table tops.  Of course, these are far classier, if not as nostalgic.


 Life After Corkage Barstool and Ottoman: Phase DesignLife After Corkage Barstool and Ottoman: Phase Design


Patrick Norguet designed the Degree Tables with colorful 'caps' for Kristalia.  They are fun renditions of a thick wine cork with plastic, peelable covers, but they've also had an 'education.'


Degree Table by Patrick Norguet for: KristaliaDegree Table by Patrick Norguet for: Kristalia


Now this truly elegant lounge chair, the Cortiça Chaise, looks to be sculptured out of cork.  Designed by Daniel Michalik, the ergonomic Cortiça Chaise is 100 percent recycled from bottle corks. Michalik admires the elasticity and buoyancy of the material, so much so that he took it to a local beach and sailed it!  


Cortiça Chaise Lounge by Daniel MichalikCortiça Chaise Lounge by Daniel Michalik


If metal caps are going to take the place of wine corks and email is replacing  the old cork message boards, I'm glad there are more modern and elegant solutions for cork. 


Mar 7, 2011
by Anonymous

Thank you for showing what we can do with cork!

I appreciate this article in that it shows that cork is a versatile material that should be used in a variety of ways. My husband and I own and design for CoolCorC - a family owned company that solely uses cork in every product. Our original design is for the cork cup sleeve, which replaces paper cup sleeves and is readily biodegradable. Our other products include purses, wallets, headbands, refillable journals and more.