Cornucopia? - An Opportunity For Mexican Farmers

Great ideas are not always clear cut. What may work to one person't benefit may be of detriment to someone else. This is a classic example.

Latin Americans are constantly in the news, usually in relation to immigration issues, but also sometimes because of NAFTA and the way jobs are being exported south from the US. The bizarre thing is that it's usually the same people complaining about both issues, yet one helps resolve the other.

Another thing a lot of people are aware of is the corporatization of agriculture, and all the negative side-effects that can have. And yet another issue is the health concerns people have about high-fructose corn syrup, and many of the products it can be found in.

Put all these things together, and decide for yourself whether this is a great idea: in Mexico, PepsiCo have begun working with local farmers to guarantee them a price for their corn.

Advantage: the farmers have no uncertainty over whether their corn will sell, or for how much.

Advantage: residents of typically impoverished rural areas no longer have to head north in search of an income.

Disadvantage: more genetically modified corn further devastates the corn gene pool, and possibly people's health.

Disadvantage: PepsiCo puts itself in a position where farmers become dependent on them for an income, and where they can dictate both the price of the corn they sell the farmers and the price they pay for it.

Disadvantage: Even greater dependence in Mexico on corn as a food source, which can be found in over 10,000 products at your average American supermarket.

Disadvantage: Potential impact on corn growers in the US.

What other advantages or disadvantages can you identify?

It certainly appears to be an advantage for the hombre in this PepsiCo corporate video:

Feb 25, 2011
by Anonymous

Other benefit

Force Mexico to upgrade it Ag business.
& Keep Illegals from coming into the US since jobs now in Mexico alone.

That alone is viable, I dislike the disadvantages of project.

Expand corn to other crops for Mexico & US ag sales.