Corsair Bulldog: Console-Size, 4K-Capable Living Room Gaming PC

Originally known just for PC RAM modules, Corsair has expanded over the years to cases, cooling solutions, and power supplies, among other things. Citing how 4K TVs are getting "awfully affordable", the firm has combined its talents into the Bulldog, an SFF 4K gaming barebone kit for PC enthusiasts to customize.


The exteriorThe exterior


The chassis will ship with an optimized power supply, motherboard, and CPU liquid cooler, with the CPU, graphics card, RAM, and storage devices left to the buyers' choice. Corsair claims the Bulldog will altogether be "quieter than a fully loaded console" while handling much more graphically-intensive games - besides just handling more stuff in general, it being a PC at heart.


The interior and back panelThe interior and back panel


The Bulldog's steel-and-plastic case supports mini-ITX motherboards and a mix of 3.5" and 2.5" drives. The 600w SFX power supply and Hydro H5SF liquid cooler will allow for overclocked 150w CPUs and 300mm-long graphics cards. Said cards will run fine with air cooling, but Corsair will sell you kits to get those underwater, too.

The bundled motherboard, different from the one shown in current pictures, will apparently take Intel's "next generation" Core i7 processors (probably Skylake). Accordingly, Corsair claims that availability of the Bulldog on its web store and various retailers will happen in the fourth quarter of this year.


Stand-in motherboard with Hydro H5SF cooler installedStand-in motherboard with Hydro H5SF cooler installed


The whole kit will cost $399 USD, though that's subject to change. The Bulldog looks well-equipped, but hopefully Corsair will tone down the aesthetic, which looks a bit too gaudy for an HTPC in its current form. The lack of an optical drive bay also feels conspicuous.