Corsair Updates Bulldog With Cleaner Look, More Options

Earlier this year, Corsair announced its home theater barebone PC concept, dubbed Bulldog, combining the company's strengths in PC cases, cooling, and power supplies with the very latest PC hardware. We're now closer to the thing's market release, and Corsair have slightly updated the Bulldog for the better, most noticeably in its exterior design.



The original Bulldog case had angular red accents on the front and pointed feet holding it aloft, which seemed a bit too showy for a home theater setup. The "new" Bulldog is completely black, instead, with a seemingly glossy finish. The feet are also smaller. It still looks like it could be out-of-place compared to something like this, but it's a start.



Moving to the innards, Corsair are still bundling a Skylake ITX motherboard, 600w power supply, and liquid cooler for $400 USD. However, there will now be a motherboard-less version for $100 less. Additionally, MSI will apparently be selling water-cooled graphics cards designed for the Bulldog, though you can still buy a Corsair H55 and set up a compatible card yourself.



All in all, the release date of the fourth quarter of this year has been shifted to the first quarter of next year. Complete, non-barebone Corsair Bulldog-based systems will also come available "from select partners" at that time.