Corsair Announces Hydro H40, H70 CORE Liquid CPU Coolers

Californian company Corsair, a firm that used to be known only for its RAM but has lately been jumping into other markets, is adding to its lineup of fuss-free liquid CPU coolers with the Hydro Series H40 and Hydro H70 CORE. The former offers an entry-level price and easy installation for novices, while the latter is aimed towards experienced users with more performance demands.


The Hydro H40 offers an aluminium cold plate and radiator, an attached 120mm fan that can spin up to 2000 RPM, pre-applied thermal compound, and mounting brackets for installation on Intel LGA775, LGA1155, LGA1156 or LGA1366 processors, or AMD socket AM2, AM3 or FM1 designs. All for a price of USD $59, Corsair claims that “the age of liquid CPU cooling for everybody has arrived.”

Meanwhile, the Hydro H70 CORE offers all that the H40 has – except for the use of a copper cold plate instead of the aluminium one, a double-thick 38mm radiator, low evaporation rate FEP/FPA tubing, a five-year warranty (three more than the H40), and support for the upcoming Intel LGA2011 socket.

Corsair also will not be including fans with the H70 CORE – the company is encouraging users to bring their own fans for “the freedom to fully customize your cooling performance.” That said, the radiator can handle two fans in a push-pull configuration: one on each side. (The H40 appears to be able to handle this too, but you won't be getting any extra fan screws with that unit.) All this, for a price of USD $89.

For both coolers, make sure you've got a suitable 120mm fan vent on the back of your case to mount the radiator on, and you should be all set.

Corsair's Hydro Series H40 and H70 CORE should be hitting stores in the next couple of days. The performance of the H40 will be interesting to see – for as low a price that it's going for, if it manages to perform well, it could be a hit.

UPDATE:  Find the Hydro Series H40 and H70 CORE on

(Via Corsair's Press Release)

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