Corsuit: A Back Brace For Swimming Dominance

I'm not much of a swimmer. And I'm pretty sure there are a lot of others like me. Yeah, I can basically keep myself from dying by flapping my arms around in the pool, but my form is awful and I'm not very fast. If ever I were caught in some type of high-intensity swim chase, I'd be a goner. 


Without a pool or large body of water to practice in, I will probably never be a particularly adept swimmer. Also, I really don't find swimming that fun--relaxing in a pool with a beer or frozen drink on a hot day, yes. Swimming, no. So I guess I don't really have the motivation to be a swimming champ. 

But if I ever get a modicum of motivation, I might just invest in a Corsuit. The Corsuit--which I assume is a clumsy combination of "corset" and (swim/ bathing) suit is a back brace of sorts that is designed to keep your body in ideal swimming form. Designed by 23-year-old Australian student Sam James, the Corsuit helps swimmers to maintain proper posture and develop core strength. The Corsuit is designed for training, not competition, allowing it to steer clear of any cheating accusations.

If I'm being honest, I think I'd rather keep flapping along at my current speed than wear a belt-mounted spinal bumblebee every time I swim, but it looks like an interesting device for those that are a little more serious about their swimming. Plans are to enter the design in next year's James Dyson Awards competition, and perhaps we'll see it on the market one day. 

Gizmag via Dvice