Cosmetic Extract from Marine Ooze: Great Idea?

Issued back in 2004, Patent # US 6787159 relates to a Process for the Preparation of a Cosmetically Usable Extract From Marine Ooze and a product including an extract from marine ooze, and its use. It would appear to be sort of based upon the premise that one cannot become truly beautiful without first becoming truly ugly (and having the wisdom to know the difference between the two). Mud is now a thing of the past and the new ‘in thing’ is ooze, more elusive, elitist and icky than ever before.


Organ extracts and plant extracts have been used for years for facial masks and other cosmetic products and have been very effective. The purpose of this invention, however, is to better another that didn’t quite make the grade. Extract from German Sea ooze is a previous patent that incorporated only some parts of German Sea Ooze and had only limited success with a fairly high expenditure. Superior cosmetic creams and lotions always faced the problem of the highly insoluble proportions in the marine ooze. This invention claims better results and at a cheaper cost.

The secret (if there is one) is that the marine ooze is selected in such a way that mineral particles are contained. To extract a larger proportion of the cosmetically active ingredients from the ooze, the process proposes paraffinum subliquidum, ethanol, dimethicone, a water/ethanol mixture and a mixture of water/ethanol/glycerin/propylene glyco. The crème facial mask is prepared by adding the dry ooze to the emulsion. If this still isn’t clear to you, join the club and then consider Amused and Bemused’s piece, “Want Cosmetic Surgery? Some Wacky Options to Consider” and Body Beauty’s “Are you a Barbie Girl?."

Is this for you?

I wouldn’t know.

I can only say that it isn’t at all for me.