Cosmetics For The Deceased Make The Late Look Great

Kotoko Sato and Delfino cosmeticsKotoko Sato and Delfino cosmetics


It's never too late to look great... so says Kotoko Sato, a trained make-up artist who has applied her talents to making the dead look alive. Sato has teamed up with Japanese cosmetics firm Falf Inc. to market Delfino (Italian for "dolphin"), a line of beauty products specially designed for the needs of the dead.


Of course, it's not the dearly departed who are her customers. Morticians, funeral home workers and nurses are the ones showing interest in Sato's cosmetics and even more importantly, how to use them effectively.

Delfino cosmetics differ from standard make-ups in that they contain silver compounds and titanium dioxide. These chemicals have antibacterial properties - a critical factor when dealing with the dead. According to spokesman Taro Koumi, Delfino is the first product of its kind to protect people from infection when they touch corpses, whether it's applying their make-up or saying a final farewell.


Falf Inc. and Sato have sold around 300 sets of Delfino cosmetics at priced around ¥65,000 ($620) per set, with most of the buyers being morticians. Sato also conducts 3-day "Shigesho Gakko" (Funeral Makeup Academy) seminars four times annually to teach clients how to use the cosmetics.

"The bereaved families remember the faces of the departed for a long time. So I want them to look good," explains Sato. "I am pleased when the family of the deceased says the person looks like they are sleeping." (via Japan Times Online)

May 21, 2008
by Anonymous

Interesting Product and untapped potential as acne fighter

Its cool that there is silver present in the cosmetics...I think it would be good for live tissue as well. Silver is non toxic and does not react with anything other than single celled pathogens. Basically the silver disables the oxygen metabolism enzyme, effectively suffocating the virus, fungus or bacteria present. It doesn't react with the respiration pathways of multi-celled organisms. It could definitely make your face bacteria and blemish free.

Jul 1, 2008
by Anonymous


How can I get Sato's e-mail or contact information. Also, if there contact information for Delfino?

Sep 10, 2008
by Anonymous

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please, i try contact you
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Oct 20, 2008
by Anonymous

Contact Info

Hello I am a funeral director/embalmer in the U.S. and I would like to order this product oline. How do I get in touch with Sato? My email address is

Nov 14, 2008
by Anonymous

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